“1989-2019 the Awakening of the Mitteleuropa, Nostalgia for the Future”.

18 October 2019, Udine, Italy

Recently I attended the conference under the title “1989-2019 the Awakening of the Mitteleuropa, Nostalgia for the Future”. Great event, amazing people and successful discussions in Udine Castle.


Western Balkans Alumni Association – 1st General Assembly

14-16 March 2019, Tirana, Albania

Western Balkans Alumni Association is a regional association of alumni who spent part of their studies funded by the EU education and training programmes. It is great to be part of this story!



  The environment is changing. Why aren’t we? 

25 September 2018, Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Climate Diplomacy Week is dedicated to raising awareness of this important topic in the European Union and throughout the rest of the world. During Climate Diplomacy Week, EU Delegations and EU Member State embassies across the world hold various events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, present successful stories and encourage further action. Čapljina hosted such an event, held in “TAU” gallery, in cooperation with the primary school and the Centre for Education and Culture, “Akademija”, Čapljina.


Travelling in Europe

29 August 2018, Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

With the aim of promoting the mobility of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and encouraging them to travel across Europe, the EU Info Centre organised a series of educational youth gatherings, in mostly smaller communities across the country, aimed to encourage BiH youth to visit Europe, to become acquainted with multicultural communities, exchange experiences with peers, enjoy first-hand experience of what the European Union represents, embracing the common European identity and gaining knowledge of the EU.


From an idea to reality: Info Days on EU Programmes

23 July 2018, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From an idea to reality:  Info days on EU Programmes were organized to present the possibilities of the EU programmes Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens and Horizon 2020, was held in the EU Info Point in Mostar on 23 July. The Info Days were organized in order to provide information about available EU programmes in BiH for hundreds of participants and potential applicants.



Presentation on Erasmus+ 

13 July, 2018, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad. During the one-hour presentation, all participants had the opportunity to hear more about the possibilities offered by the Erasmus + program.




Civic engagament and activism workshop

5 July 2018, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Mostar Summer Youth Program (MSYP) is a free summer educational programme that provides youth aged 14-19 from Mostar and the surrounding area with opportunities to improve their self-confidence and key skills. Such an excellent experience to be able to share thoughts on civic engagement and activism with MSYP participants!


Third Scientix Conference

4-6 May, 2018, Brussels, Belgium

It was my pleasure to participate and help in the organization of the 3rd Scientix Conference that took place in Brussels, Belgium.

352 teachers, policymakers, researchers and project managers participated in the conference, making it one of the major networking events in Europe in 2018.




We are a welcoming Europe

European Citizens’ Initative – Migration and EU politics
from a citizens’ perspective

18 April 2018, Brussels, Belgium

While European governments are struggling to handle reception, equitable resettlement and integration of refugees, citizens across the European Union take action and come together to help fellow human beings. Due to ambiguity of the EU law, however, individuals and civil society actors who offer humanitarian assistance or shelter can face sanctions and prosecution. “We are a welcoming Europe, let us help” reads the title of the launched European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), the most visible and legally binding tool for direct democracy in Europe.

The closing event of the Pat Cox – Humanity in Action Fellowship provided an opportunity to discuss the Initiative and impact that European citizens can have on the EU migration policies.


Western Balkans Youth Conference in Pristina

26 – 27 March, 2018, Pristina, Kosovo

Ahead of the Western Balkans (WB) Summit scheduled in London this summer and in support of the UK’s agenda of building stronger societies, Western Balkans Youth Conference was organized by British Council from 26-27 March 2018 in Pristina, Kosovo. The young people and youth organizations in the region were invited to, through a series of panels, presentations and working groups, and in coordination with RYCO, develop a set of policy recommendations and suggestions to be presented at the WB Summit.

I am glad that I have had opportunity to participate in this conference as a Pat Cox – Humanity in Action Fellow.




Leveraging New Technologies to Transform Youth Political Participation

17 November, 2017, Tirana, Albania

Leveraging New Technologies to Transform Youth Political Participation was a day-long regional event organized by OSCE/ ODIHR and focusing on the intersection of youth, new technologies, and civic/political participation. The event was organized around the OSCE Youth Leadership Forum recommendations, and aimed to connect participants with experts who shared innovative/provocative perspectives in relation to new forms of civic and political participation. It was indeed my privilege to be part of this event as one of the representatives of the Youth Advisory Group of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzergovina.


Humanity in Action Summer Fellowship

26 May – 25 June, 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a participant of the Humanity in Action Summer Fellowship program I spent a month in Amsterdam and Berlin. Humanity in Action is an international educational organization that educates, inspires and connect a global network of students, young professionals and established leaders committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship in their own communities and around the world. The Humanity in Action Fellowship brings together international groups of Fellows to study minority rights and multiculturalism, and the broader issue of identity, populism and political extremism in the European Union as well as the human rights in general. Separate programs take place for five weeks every summer in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Copenhagen, Detroit, Sarajevo and Warsaw.



 Meeting with Mr. Boris Johnson

6 April, 2017, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After the participation in the Fellowship program of the British Embassy in Sarajevo and Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK, I had an opportunity to meet in person Mr. Boris Johnson in Sarajevo where I discussed with him about youth policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you, British Embassy Sarajevo.


Fellowship Program in London

19 February – 11 March 2017, London, UK

As a participant of the Fellowship program of the British Embassy in Sarajevo and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, I spent last three weeks in London and Manchester with a group of BiH politicians, public officials, entrepreneurs, activists and scientists, where we had an opportunity to learn more about UK legal and political system.

Photos: Zoran Galic


Youth Affairs on the OSCE Agenda

13-15 February 2017, Vienna, Austria

It was my pleasure to participate at the meeting of the OSCE Group of Friends of Youth and Security in Vienna on 14 February upon invitation extended by the Permanent Representative at the Permanent Mission of Spain to the OSCE and Chair of the OSCE Group of Friends of Youth and Security.

Photos: OSCE


Youth Advisory Group (YAG) Meeting 

23 January 2017, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Members of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Advisory Group gathered in Sarajevo to discuss about previous year′s achievements and to agree on plan for 2017.

Photos: OSCE/Vedran Pribilovic



23rd OSCE Ministerial Council

8 -9 December 2016, Hamburg, Germany

It was my pleasure to participate as one of the representatives of the Youth Advisory Group at the 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council which was held in Hamburg, Germany. It was such a big privilege to be a part of an amazing event, thanks to the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Youth are essential to strengthening security, concluded participants at side event #OSCEyouth speaking up: destination security. #OSCE #YAG #YouthAdvisoryGroup

Photos: OSCE/Jonathan Perfect



9th Annual Review Conference on Compliance with OSCE and UN
Security Commitments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

9-11 November 2016, Hotel Bristol, Sarajevo

World faces with dynamic and complex radicalization challenges. The workshop sought to foster a deeper understanding of the drivers of youth radicalization in the country and to generate policy recommendations aimed at decreasing the appeal of violent extremist groups.  It was a great opportunity to hear thoughts from my colleagues, but also to share my own ideas and comments.